DGSH Pilgrimage

We organise special travel tours for groups and organisations seeking to visit the Holy Land and learn about the birthplace of our Lord Jesus Christ at least twice in a calendar year.

DGSH Corporate/ DGSH Elite

With our dedicated team of seasoned professionals, we simplify the hassles of group travels, assisting you all the way.

DGSH Lone Traveller

Whether it is for business or leisure, nding the right hotels, getting car rental or moving around an unknown terrain all alone can be quite daunting. We take the stress of you providing relevant information to make your trip as eventful as you intended it to be.

DGSH Family Adventure

Our varied selection of awesome family vacation spots leaves you with an array of mind blowing and inspiring choices for that much awaited time out with the family. Browse through our catalogue of vacation spots and nd the place that's right for you and your family.